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Dynamix Pro 

The Future

of Visual Merchandising

Explore Dynamix

Illuminated graphics are proven to increase sales and brand awareness. Global brands choose Dynamix and Dynamix Pro to amplify their presence, bring their messaging to life and attract customers through exciting visuals.

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An innovative take on the traditional lightbox display, Dynamix uses a combination of customized LED animations and fabric prints to create engaging, powerful retail experiences through impactful visual storytelling and stunning product highlights.

Several Size Options​

Quick Tool-less Set Up​

Variety of Merchandising Elements​

Custom Illuminated Graphics and Prints


Made up of highly durable, connected LED panels, Dynamix Pro creates an engaging visual merchandising experience at scale. Our unique LED panel system allows for quick reconfiguration of magnetized display and shelving elements, offering endless opportunities for tailored messaging at the SKU, collection or brand level.

Custom Size Combinations​

Magnetic Smart Shelves​

Real Time Interaction Data​

Meaningful Analytics

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